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Consumer Involvement in Research for Ethics Committee Members

Course Outline: Consumers and community involvement in research (CCI) is a growing international movement and is increasingly required by funders. The government also recognises the value of CCI and has extended the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare 'Partnering with Consumers Standard' to clinical trials. Evidence suggests that CCI makes research more ethical by ensuring it is aligned to the needs of patients and conducted in a way that is sensitive to their needs. This introduction to CCI for ethics committee members provides an overview of CCI and why it is promoted

Price: $1200 + GST per session for up to 20 attendees  
Mode of delivery: Live, interactive Zoom session
Duration: 1.0 hours

Learning Objectives: Attendees will be able to:
  • Understand what CCI is, and what it is not.
  • Understand why CCI is encouraged for both normative and consequentialist reasons. 
  • Identify how CCI can make trials more ethical
  • Be aware of how meaningful CCI is operationalised and how tokenism is avoided.  

Certification: Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance following course completion.
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