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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Biomedical Research 

Session Outline: In 2009, the Lancet published an article by Iain Chalmers and Paul Glasziou that made the astounding claim that of the 100 billion dollars spent on biomedical research each year, 85% is wasted. Much of this waste is avoidable. This short session describes the stages of research waste in the context of the ethical issues that arise, and what Human Research Ethics Committees can do to help reduce research waste.

Price: $1400 + GST per session for up to 20 attendees 
Mode of delivery: Live, interactive Zoom or Teams session   
Duration: 1 hour

Learning Objectives: Attendees will be able to: 
  • Be aware of the stages of research waste 
  • Understand why clinical trials often fail to translate into better healthcare 
  • Be aware of the role of systematic reviews in the reduction of research waste 
  • Articulate the factors that make medical research truly useful 

Certification: A certificate of attendance is provided after the session. 
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